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New Extensions Unleashed

Whether you want to register a good old dot com, or any other new domain extensions like .domains or .company that have recently been launched, you have to be careful not to fall into the traps that may cost you over $280 in domain redemption fees when its time to renew your domain name. I am not saying all domain registrars do this, but I have seen how some domain registrars trap their customers into paying high renewal fees or if you do not pay it, they will auction away your domain name to whoever pays the highest price for your domain name.

The internet is changing with the introduction of new top level domain name extensions like .domains, the rules have changed and you need to arm yourself with proper information before you register your domain name.

"What qualifies me to talk about Domains"

I am Mufad, a software engineer with over 14 years of rock solid experience of managing 100s of domains, having worked with multinational companies around the globe, having built many profitable websites and having personally trained others like you on these subjects.
In 2004, I launched after I quit my high paying job in exchange for the freedom that comes from working from home, but I had to stop that venture within a few months because I got so many clients that I could not support all of them. Fastforward to today, I still have some of the clients from 2004 who are still using my system to manage their website, but I am not accepting any more clients even if they beg me, becasue I simply do not have the time for that.
I hate bragging about myself but my copywriter told me that I have to show some proof, so let me show you proof that cannot be photoshopped.
If you search on google for setup domain mufad you will find over 5000 websites. If 5000 websites found just 1 of my articles to be worth publishing then surely I know my subject. This is your chance to learn from the best. That 1 page article titled How to setup a Domain with DNS, IP Address and Web Hosting was published in 2003 before it went viral. The manual available here is published in 2014 after the launch of the new domain extensions, it reveals the latest secrets to a highly profitable domain name, with screenshots and videos on Domain Registration and Management in an easy to understand manner.

How I was compelled to Write this Manual

About 2 months ago, my cousin sister sent me an email asking for my help. The problem was that even though she had her domain name set to autorenew, her domain registrar had failed to renew her domain name so her website had suddenly changed and was showing a "domain for sale" page. All the regular visitors to her website were complaining and she was embarrassed at such a fiasco. When she called the domain registrar on phone, they said that her credit card had failed when they tried to renew her domain name and so her domain name had expired. They said she had to pay $280 redemption fee otherwise they would auction the domain away to who ever pays the most and if she liked she could bid in the auction to get her own domain back ! She wanted my advice on her situation because she knew that I was good in these matters.

Since she had worked so hard to build her website and her brand on her domain name, and since her website was indexed in google and sending her some visitors every day, I foresaw that if the domain name went into an auction, there are good chances of someone else trying to bid a high price for her domain name. She may have to pay much more to get her domain name back if it went into auction, it was a huge risk I did not want her to take.

It pained me a lot but I had to advice her to pay up because she was trapped in a bad situation. So I replied to her email advising her to pay up the $280 redemption fee, but the horror story did not end there. My email bounced back because all email on her domain had stopped working. I called her and explained to her that if she does not pay the redemption fee, not only will she loose her website, all her friends who are trying to reach her by email will not be able to do so. She was in tears at the prospect that emails to her were bouncing back. I am not sure if she knew about the possibility of loosing her domain name to someone else, but it was bad enough that her website and email were not working. After she paid the $280 domain redemption fee and the problem was fixed, she asked my advice to suggest another domain registrar where she can safely transfer her domain names so that this kind of problem does not repeat in the future.

I did some research by reading the fine print of 19 different domain registrars and found the traps and marketing ploys that some of the registrars use. I found that some domain registrars deliberately advertise a low initial startup fee but when its time to renew they charge a high fee, and if you forget to renew on time they charge a high redemption fee to get your domain back. This is how they can afford to offer such low startup fee. I realised that the best domain registrars have the same fee for first year domain registration and domain renewal and they always email their customers 2 to 3 times before domain expiry and give them a grace period when the domain can be renewed for no extra charge just in case the domain expires.

I was shocked to learn this dirty truth that traps honest unsuspecting people into paying high fees to renew their domains after they have worked hard to build and promote their domain name. I wanted to warn everyone about this so I started mentioning this to my friends, they all suggested that I should write about this so that more people can be protected from being blackmailed into extortion.

My desire to help people and my technical background made me the right person to write about domain registration. Once I started writing, my passion for the subject made me pour my heart and soul into the subject and it produced a 60 page manual covering detailed aspects of Domain Registration that I had not even planned to write about in the beginning. That is why I say I was compelled to write it.

The Secret Gold Mine of the Internet

New domain Extensions are the biggest cash cow of the internet just waiting to be milked.

"Domain Sale Facts" sold for $35.6 Million in 2010 sold for $35 Million in 2007 sold for $30.1 Million in 2012 sold for $11 Million in 2001 was purchased by FacManual for $8.5 Million in 2010 was sold for $7.5 Million in 2006 was sold for $14 Million in 2010
What about non dot com domains ?
all were purchased for over $1 Million each

Every day millions of dollars are spent on domain auctions. Just check out ebay or any domain auction site to know that the domain resale market is huge.
Till now we only had the .com and a few other extensions, and most of the good names were already taken. Thanks to hundreds of new extensions which are now up for grabs, there is a tremendous opportunity for those who are smart and act fast to secure the good domain names.
From SEO point of view, the search engines value aged domains and instead of spending time and effort on a new domain, many entrepreneurs would invest heavily on an aged-domain that match their interests. A domain name investment is thus many times more profitable than a realestate investment, because good aged domains fetch an excellent premium value.

What if you had registered in the 1990s and sold it to facebook in 2010 ? You would have made a clean 8.5 Million Dollars from an investment of less than $100 ! Today many such non dot com domains are available to be picked up by the smart ones.
Not only are the new domain extensions more available because they have just been launched, they are also more memorable and relevant. You can be unique and stand out from the crowd with a new domain extension. For example this website Warning.Domains has a .domains extension, which clearly shows that the warning is about domains. On the contrary, a dot com would not have the same effect. What if search engines start giving importance to the extension to rank websites ? Already many seo consultants and companies are building content on related extensions so that the domain name itself becomes a keyword relevance factor both for the visitor and for the search engines. Even pay per click advertisements may be cheaper for meaningful extensions because a meaningful extension is more relevant than a general dot com extension. The goal of the search engine is to show relevant ads and relevant results so any factor that improves relevance is welcomed by the searchengines, no wonder then that Google themself have applied for gaining 101 new domain extensions !

Most people today are unaware that the Biggest Landrush in the History of the Internet has already begun right under their noses. This is good news for you because you can get your new domain extension today while it is still available, if you wait then most of the good names will be taken away by others. By the time the new extensions become popular, the good names will be selling for thousands if not millions of dollars. So now is the right time to cash in on this huge opportunity.

Instant first impression booster

The next time when someone asks you for your email id, imagine your pride when you say yourname@yourowndomain.cominstead of xyz12123@gmail or hotmail or yahoo dot com. Not only will a professional email address branded with your domain name create a positive first impression for you, it will also make your email address easier to remember. Moreover your domain name will get more visibility and you will gain visitors to your website just from people who see your email id.
Do you think that setting up an email id on a personal domain will cost you a fortune? That is what most people think because so few people actually use this simple technique to brand their website.
Let me reveal to you another secret, it will cost you absolutely nothing to setup your email id on your own domain name ! Most people just do not know how it can be done. My Manual will show you step by step, with screenshots and videos, how you can easily setup your personal email id on your domain name. Imagine the good impression you will create each time you send an email or give your email id to anyone, your email contacts will have your website address right there in your email id and they will wonder how smart and wealthy you must be to have your own personal email id on your own domain name.

Step By Step Guide to Owning your own Domain Name

Many domain registrars advertise cheap domain startup price, but the catch is that they charge high hosting and renewal fees, and they have a lock in period when you cannot transfer your domain elsewhere, so you will be forced to use their high priced services only. If you get lured by their cheap offer price, you will get trapped into paying higher price when it's time to renew your domain name. That is why you need to read my Manual before you register your domain name. If you are one of those who are already trapped into paying a high domain renewal fee of over 14$ every year, my Manual will show you how you can transfer your domain to a better domain registrar that will extend your domain registration by 1 year for only $8.99 with free email forwarding and unbeatable hosting plans ! What if in the next 10 years you registered 10 such domain names, you would be saving $501 on domain registration and another $2400 if your hosting is cheaper by just 2$ per month per domain!

A small investment in educating yourself about domain management will go a long way to make you independent and save you money. I have tested 19 different domain registrars and have found the traps and gimmicks that some of them use. I will show you the best registrars for you to register your domain. The big names in the domain industry cannot provide you with good support and have high fees. My Manual will point you to a better registrar that will have all the features of a godaddy like registrar but will cost you less and offer better support. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the information presented in this Manual you can obtain a full refund within 60 days of your purchase, no questions asked. My Manual will also educate you step by step on the domain registration and domain management process. In addition, screenshots and video tutorials are provided for each step so that you can confidently become a master of your own domain name.

Here is What you will Uncover in the Manual

The Manual is Divided into 4 Steps; Ready, Aim, Shoot and Road Ahead.

Step 1 - Getting Ready : Understanding domains

  • How domain names work on the internet ? Understanding this will better empower you to manage your domain name
  • What is a Nameserver and how it affects you ? Knowing this will enable you to setup your website on your domain name
  • How to do a whois lookup to know ownership details and date of registration for any domain name ? This tool will instantly show you the ownership details and date of registration and expiry on any domain name so that you can check if your domain name is registered properly under your own name.
  • Do You need to protect your privacy using Private Registration ? Find out if your private information available publicly and The answer may surprise you. Page 9

Step 2 - Taking Aim : Choosing your Domain

  • 10 Tips for selecting a good Domain Name. The right name can be resold for thousands if not millions, these tips will enable you to select a highly profitable domain name Page 12
  • What is the difference between dot com ,dot org, dot cool, dot info or any other domain extension ? Is there any advantage or disadvantage of using one vs the other ?
  • 9 Features to look for in a Domain Registrar ? Make sure you have all the functionality that you need to setup, manage and renew your domain name. A wrong registrar cold cost you a fortune in renewal or redemption fees. Page 31
  • Top 10 Domain Registrars Compared - including prices for registration, renewal, hosting and private registration. Compare different domain registrars to select the best one for your needs.Page 33
  • The best recommendation for your Domain Registrar. Knowing this will show you how to get your domain name safely at the best price, with the best features and support Page 34

Step 3 - Shoot : Registering your Domain

  • 9 Steps to registering your domain name correctly. Following these steps makes domain registration super easy, I even provide a video and screenshots for each step.Page 36
  • What is hosting and how to setup your Nameserver for optimal performance ? Knowing this will enable you to setup your website easily.
  • How to create and use email ids on your domain name ? Detailed instructions with screenshots to use for your email id Page 38
  • A Permanent Solution to Spam Email - no its not Spam Filters Page 50

Step 4 - The Road Ahead : Using your Domain

  • Tips on building your website on your domain without knowing html
  • Transferring your domain name to other Domain Registrars - knowing this will enable you to transfer your domain name easily in case you are not satisfied with your present domain registrar Page 60
  • Backordering domains that are already registered by others - Knowing this will enable you to book a domain name even if it is already registered by someone else so that you can grab it the moment it expires.Page 63
  • How you can make money by finding good domain names and reselling them for profit ? Millions are being made every day from domain flipping and now you can do it too. Page 65
  • How the new extensions will revolutionize the Domain Flipping Industry and how can you profit from this change ?
  • Secret method of leveraging new Top Level Domains to gain top rankings and earn huge profits from ppc advertising


I have highly recommended your Manual

I already had a website but my web designer was charging me tooth and nail for every change I requested to make on my website. After reading your Manual I realized how easy it was to manage my domain name on my own. I transferred my domain name and now the same webdesigner keeps calling me to ask if I need any changes that he will make for Free !
Now that I am in control of my domain name, the web designer has realised that I can go to any other webdesigner if I am not satisfied with their service or price.
The new domain registrar that you have recommended costs me just a fraction of what I was paying before. Thank you so much for giving me the information that I needed to get released from the clutches of my webdesigner. I have highly recommended your Manual to my friends and associates.

--Emmanuelle Fuller--

Fraction of the Cost

The Manual really showed me how to register my domain name correctly and how to set it up with email and website for a fraction of the cost that my friends are paying. I am so glad I found this information, Thank You.

 —Anthony Morris

Bonus Report

My 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the value provided in my manual, all you have to do is reply to your order confirmation email to demand your refund within 60 days of your purchase. I personally guarantee your refund and as a way of thanking you for giving my product a try you get to keep everything including the bonus and the videos. I am sure that you will be delighted with the huge value of the information that you will receive, that is the reason I can offer you such a strong Iron Clad Guarantee.

Yes! I want to know how I can earn a ton of money by selling domains registered with the new extensions.

I want to equip myself with the latest knowledge about domain registrars so that I will be protected from their traps and gimmicks. I want to know the best domain registrars so I can avail the best services at the best prices.

I want to know the best way to Register and Manage my Domain, Email and Website!

That is why I am taking action now

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P.S. I have experienced the traps of domain registrars and I have put together this information so you do not have to experience the same pain. That is why I provide you with the best recommendations for the cheapest online registrars. If you find any domain registrar that offers cheaper prices or better services for domain registration than the ones I suggest, please inform us and we will refund your purchase price immediately.

P.P.S. Good domain names on the new extensions are being lapped up by smart investors as we speak. Soon the internet will be swarming with new extensions just like the dot com of today. Now is the best time to cash in on this huge opportunity before everyone knows about it. My Manual will show you how to get your new domain name extension the smart way at the best price. Secure your domain name before someone else beats you to it.

This is your Opportunity to profit from the Internet Grab it.

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