How to select a Good Registrar ?

Your Domain Name is your Location on the Internet, It is a vitally important contributor to the success of your website.
The most important price to note when you register your domain name is the domain renewal fee.
If the renewal price is much higher than the startup price, that means it is a bait to trap you.
Such registrars that offer cheap startup price and high renewal fee will also have high hosting, privacy, email fees and they may try gimmicks like charging a high redemption fee to makeup for the initial low startup price.
Not all registrars offering a discount for your first domain are like that, but the renewal fee is one thing you should look at before you register your domain name.
Registrars with the lowest renewal price cannot afford to offer any further discount on their startup price, that shows that their pricing is fair and square.

A bad choice can cost you $12,160 in 10 years

Be Smart, Think Long Term

Lets say your domain costs you $0.99 first year but your renewal fee is $24.99 with some typical registrar and
Lets say you register just 1 new domain per year, then in 10 years time you would have paid $1,360 more than if you had used another registrar that charges $8.99 every year.
And that is only for your domain name. If you use hosting, email and privacy from the free registrar, all of which will cost say 9$ more per month,
you will end up paying $12,160.00 more for 10 domains over 10 years.
This calculation assumes that you never have to pay a $281 redemption fee for any of your domains.
If you get a discounted domain with the wrong registrar, and your site becomes popular, the cheap registrar may not renew your domain automatically and then blackmail you to pay a high redemption fee for your domain name.
This is the ugly truth about the dark side of domain registrars,
but since you are here now, you do not have to worry.

I know a service that has gone through the fine print of all the domain registrar terms and conditions.
Through my experience and having read the experiences of others on forums,
I can confidently point you to


All the registrars that they have reviewed are safe and they do have some pretty good offers too.

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